HGH Housing Initiave - Bring Dorms to UHD

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This all started when a group of students at University of Houston Downtown became aware of just how many international students we had at UHD and how difficult it was for them to attend our college. 

Through surveys that were taken and simply just asking questions in class we found that many ended to drop out due to various reasons. One big one that came up was that it was difficult for them to attend due to having to fine a place to live. You see, UHD has no dorms or housing options available to us. 

Its then decided by a group of three students to try to do something about it. Start a campaign to have housing built so that our college could continue to grow and attract more students from abroad and, because of this, built our school up with programs that can rival any college in the U.S.. This making us a more academically rich school with the best students and teachers from around the U.S. and even world. 

This would also, in turn, add UHD's name to others in the Houston area like Rice and UTMB. Making Houston even more of a place that aspiring academics and students want to be and enriching our city because of it. 


We are asking for your voice to be heard. Please join us February 28th, 2018 on the third floor of the One Main Building of UHD in the auditorium.  We will have a Q&A session as well a a physical petition to sign to be presented to the Dean of UHD and the Mayor of Houston. 

Who Are We?